All-State Notes

America the Beautiful - 51.mid

There are many voice parts and it can be difficult to hear the right one with all of them playing at once.  MIDI users will want to isolate only the parts they need by soloing or muting channels.

Light Dawns On A Weary World - 52.mid

The tempo is consistent all the way through. This was a nice challenge to sequence! If you’re working with the midi file, you’ll want to slow the tempo down at first to make sure the students are accurate, then gradually pick up the tempo. Mp3 users can slow down using 3rd party apps like the “Amazing Slow Downer” (

Musicks Empire - 53.mid

I took the liberty of including lots of rubato - guided by the YouTube example. Once you get to rehearsing a cappella you can mold it the way you like. This is just a start. Measure 27, add 2 beats for the caesura. Measure 37, add 2 beats for the fermata indicated in the directors notes. I programmed in a ritard on the last page, guided by the YouTube example given. 

All Works of Love - 54.mid

I did not program in the fermata in measure 2. I kept a steady beat there so that Sopranos and Tenors can anticipate their entrance. There are many tempo variations throughout. I tried to keep the transitions (access, sit.) as smooth as possible. Whenever the music indicate Tempo Primo, I took it aback to the original Q=56. Measure 56 and 60 add one count for the fermata.

El Hambo - 55.mid

The tempo is very quick, so MIDI users will want to adjust the tempo in the early going, and MP3 users will want to use the “Amazing Slow Downer” to make it manageable. I attempted to stylize the rhythm and phrasing as presented in the YouTube example video.

All Of Us- 56.mid

So with the amount of division being done in this piece, if you gave each voice part it’s own track/channel (Soprano 1 A-S, Soprano 1 T-Z, Soprano 2 A-S, Soprano 2 T-Z, etc.) you would end up with over 20 tracks when you also include the 3 solos and accompaniment. Most of us (myself included) don’t have more than 16 channels available. So for MIDI users I made the decision to combine both Soprano 1 parts onto one track, and likewise for the rest. It only really divides out that way for about 10 measures, so hopefully your singers can make the distinction. For MP3 users, I do provide clean recordings for each and every voice part. For everyone, hopefully I got all of the voice shifts correct (i.e.: Tenor 2 shift to Baritone part at m18, etc. You will let me know if I missed something!

 Battle Hymn - 58.mid

As with America the Beautiful, there are many voice parts and can be difficult to hear the right one.  MIDI users will want to isolate only the parts they need by soloing or muting channels.  

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