9th Mixed Opus Song Notes

Cantate Domino Audition Cut – 41.mid
There is a bit of a tenuto on the last note of measure 13 in order to transition into the 3/4 section. All the recordings that I listened to do that, so I hope it is okay with everyone. I also incorporated some dynamic changes (echos at m19 & 24). Use your own discretion. 

Cantate Domino (full) – 42.mid
Same comments as above.

The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly – 43.mid
The fermata at measure 22 should feel like 12/8 (4 beats) before moving on into the next section (bass changes pitch). All fermatas generally are programmed to double the note value. There are some part divisions such as measure 36, but not enough to warrant a separate part 1 and 2 track. So all the divisions are included in their respective tracks.

In the Silence – 44.mid
There a lot of fermatas and tempo variations, but I think they are all easy to follow. The YouTube performance linked on the MIDILieder website uses a triplet feel in measure 38 & 39, but I went with straight eighth notes, ‘cause that’s the way it’s written. If I’m wrong, I’ll fix it. But this is another great pick with well-written voice leadings into the tight harmonies. Very expressive.

Sit Down You’re Rockin' the Boat – 45.mid
The solos should be much more free that what I have programmed. Look at the YouTube performance I have linked on the MIDILieder website for a better model. At this point in time I do not know how the director will assign the divisions on the last page. I will make changes if needed once the director notes are published. 

Ye Followers Of the Lamb – 46.mid
Straightforward throughout. If you are using the midi files, be sure to take the repeats into account when numbering your measures. Measure 5 will become measure 13 on the repeat. Publisher measure 15 is measure 23 in the midi sequence, etc. 

© Michael Blair 2018