9th Mixed Opus Song Notes

Praise the Lord Audition – 41.mid
I included a one measure lead-in.

 I Am Not Yours – 42.mid
Great composition. Great poem. No special instructions, but enjoy.

 I Bought Me A Cat – 43.mid
Masquerading as a simple folk song, this has difficult chords and dissonances everywhere. Be careful. Making sure to count the rests in the 2/4 bars is key to staying together. It is purposefully throwing the audience off balance, but we can’t let it throw us off.

 Jubilate Deo – 44.mid
If you have the capability to pan the voices to different areas in the stereo field, always do it. It will make it easier to distinguish one part from another. I did decide to break divisi parts into separate tracks, but that sometimes causes doubled notes (when Sop 1 and Sop 2 are singing the same notes, for example) to produce strange audio artifacts and sometimes cancel each other out. Muting unneeded tracks always helps to clear things up. The only part without any divisi is the Alto part.

 Make A Joyful Noise – 45.mid
When numbering your measures, remember to include the repeated measures on page 10 & 11.

 Praise the Lord (complete) – 46.mid
There are probably a thousand ways to interpret the articulations. This is what I came up with. Other than that, no special instructions

© Michael Blair 2016