7-8 Treble Clef Opus Notes

Gaudete Audition – 31.mid
The audition cut starts at measure 38, the second time through, without the Small Group. The next section (m42) is repeated once. In the Verse 1 section at measure 52, the Soprano 2 part is to take the upper notes. The lower notes, then, are not included in this midi file.

 And Suddenly – 32.mid
This is gonna be awesome!

 Gaudete (complete) – 33.mid
I did not alter the tempo for the fermata in measure 9. Keep the pulse and repeat back to the beginning. Remember to account for the many repeated sections  when numbering your measures. I left out the 8 percussion measures, so the sequence will move directly from the opening duet into the “Strong and Biting” section. This section will start with measure 19 in your midi sequence. When a part divides, you will find both notes on the same track. There are lots of repeated sections, so make sure you number your measures carefully. “Rhythmic with Joy” is measures 39 – 58. “Accented Dancing” is 59 – 68. “Verse 1” starts at 69. “Chorus 2” is 77 – 86. “Verse 2” is measure 87. “Chorus 3” is 92 – 101. “Mysterious” starts at measure 102. You should end up with a total of 157 measures.

 Mashed Potato/Love Poem – 34.mid
The first fermata feels like 4 counts. Otherwise, all the tempo changes are easily followed. Such a cute song, and I agree with the sentiment!

 Sih’r Khalaq – 35.mid
This song sounds a lot harder than it is. Once you learn the basic themes, it is super fun to sing!

 Who Has Seen the Wind? – 36.mid
Wow! This is a great commission for this group! Can’t wait to hear it performed.

© Michael Blair 2016