7-8 Treble Clef Opus Notes

Koudjay Audition Cut – 31.mid
You will hear a G and Bb at the very beginning to set the tonality and tempo. The tempo is rather quick. If you are working with the midi file, you have the ability to adjust the tempo. If you are working with the mp3 file, you should be able to slow the tempo with 3rd party apps such as “The Amazing Slow Downer”.

Koudjay (full) – 32.mid
This piece has several challenges for the singer. I would start by slowing the tempo and leaving the text out of the picture for a while. Isolate the various elements (pitch, rhythm, text) before putting them together. You can also get familiar with the piece by watching the YouTube performance I have linked on the MIDILieder website.

High Flight – 33.mid
A very lovely piece. I think the tempo changes flow very nicely in the midi sequence. The many different time signatures can be challenging, but also a great teaching opportunity! The YouTube performance I have linked on the MIDILieder website is fantastic. 

Laudamus Te – 34.mid
Straightforward throughout.

Liebst du um Schönheit – 35.mid
Straightforward throughout. The recording on the publishers website is 1/2 step low. The YouTube performance I have linked on the MIDILieder website is just as good and in the right key. This is a lovely piece also, great for line, blend, vowel matching, dynamics. Great pick!

Voice On the Wind – 36.mid
The percussion part is important in this selection. In the midi file the percussion part is on Track 6, but mapped to Channel 10, which is the default percussion channel in the midi spec. If you’re not getting a satisfactory sound for the percussion, you may need to dig in and change either the “patch” that is being played, or transpose the note up or down to hit on a better sound. Contact me if you’re having trouble and I’ll try to help. If you’re using the mp3 file, I had to go with more of a tambourine sound, which serves the purpose.

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