7-8 Bass Clef Opus Notes

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Audition Cut – 21.mid
I start the accompaniment right at measure 55, which is enough to give the students the tonality and tempo. I did not program in a ritard at the end of the audition cut. I’ll leave that to the teachers’ discretion.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (full) – 22.mid
Check back again for updates.

Da Coconut Nut – 23.mid
When marking in measure numbers, remember that the midi sequence does not “repeat” sections, but plays all measures “sequentially”. So as you repeat the first section, measure 1 is actually measure 5 on the second time through. Publisher measure 5 is measure 9 in the midi sequence and measure 13 on the repeat. This scenario will occur again on page 8 and 9 when you have multiple repeats. All told, you should end up with 110 measures in the midi sequence. This is a bit challenging when working with students and you want to begin rehearsing at publisher measure 75 but have to cue up measure 95 in your midi file. I often tell the students the wrong number. 

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere – 24.mid
Straightforward throughout.

O Sole Mio – 25.mid
Straightforward throughout. Be aware of the “leberamente” tempo adjustments at measure 26, 58 and 73. Generally, the fermatas are programed to be approximately twice the original note value. 

Yonder Come Day– 26.mid
I decided not to program in a fermata on the very first note, but to get the tempo set straight away. Again, be sure to take repeats into account when numbering your measures. Be aware that the Bass 2 does not sing on the first time through at publisher measure 26. The solo has its own track (6) starting at publisher measure 34. 

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