7-8 Bass Clef Opus Notes

Hosanna Audition – 21.mid
I gave a bit of an intro, starting at measure 38 on page 7. Remember to record this a cappella. Make sure your triplets are nice and evenly spaced in opposition to the straight eighth notes in the accompaniment.

 Beauty Is Her Name – 22.mid
Love this selection! I put in some gentle ritards at some of the phrase endings. I did not include the violin part.

 Hosanna (complete) – 23.mid
I attempted to play this stylistically correct. Hope it’s okay. I am waiting for clarification in measure 15 and 32. The singers’ A natural is in opposition to the accompaniment A flats. If they are to be A flats, I will issue an “update”.

 Journeyman’s Song – 24.mid
No special instructions.

 Loch Lomond – 25.mid
A very relaxed tempo to start out with (60). I did not mess with the fermata at measure 11. Those are always hard for singers to judge at this tempo. Keep the pulse going and maintain that tempo into the next section. Section two (measure 20) goes up to 66. From there I observe the tempos given by the publisher. At measures 27 and 39, give the fermata three counts. Starting on page 5, remember that you need to number your measures to account for all the repeats. Measure 50 becomes 54 on the second pass. After all the repeats, the publisher measure 62 is actually 74 in the midi sequence. You will end with 82 measures total.

 Old Joe Clark – 26.mid
No, I did not include the mouth percussion! Pft! Nor the “Bawk b’gawk!” You’re on your own there. Sometimes, when one part divides for a very short time, I have to deliberate if I create a separate track for the benefit of a few notes or not. Such is the case for Tenor 1, starting at measure 50. Not. These musicians can handle that without my help, I’m sure. Just make sure you read the directors notes and be aware of which notes your students are to sing!

© Michael Blair 2016