5-6 Opus Notes

Sound the Trumpet Audition Cut - 11.mid
I start the accompaniment right at the beginning of the 2nd ending on page 5. This is enough to provide key and tempo to the singer. Of course, you are not allowed to use the accompaniment on your audition recordings. I tried to incorporate dynamic changes as indicated in the score. 

 Sound the Trumpet - 12.mid
When marking in measure numbers, remember that the midi sequence does not “repeat” sections, but plays all measures “sequentially”. So as you repeat the first section, measure 3 is actually measure 17 on the second time through. As you go forward, the publisher measure number 18 will be measure 30 in the midi sequence and 46 on the repeat. You should end will 61 measures in all for this piece. I put in one ritard at the very end. 

 Cock-a-doodle-doo! - 13.mid
The fermata in measure 37, count 4, will feel like 3 counts in tempo, then moving on. It will feel the same in measure 62 once the tempo ritards down to the tempo primo. 

Didn ’  My Lord Delive Daniel - 14.mid
Straightforward throughout. Check out the YouTube sample I provide on my website. It’s faster than the publisher tempo, but they do a good job with the vocal slides and stresses on important words. Be careful of rushing. This version keeps eighth note rhythms straight rather than “swung.”

My Heart’s In the Highlands - 15.mid
Nice gentle ritards at phrase endings. The two fermatas in measure 35 each feel like one full beat. 

Kompira Fune, Fune - 16.mid
The entrance into measure 5 is abrupt but can't by helped. I think the tempo marking of 137 is too fast, but I always adhere to the publishers markings for these. If you are working with the midi file, you can easily adjust the tempo. If you are working with the mp3 file there are probably several options to slow the tempo, such as Garage Band, The Amazing Slow Downer or many other apps available online. I’m assuming a pronunciation guide will be coming out from IDCA shortly. 
Again, when numbering measures, please take the repeats into account. Measure 8 will be measure 16 on the repeat. Publisher measure 18 is measure 26 in the midi sequence and measure 73 on the repeat. Publisher measure 65 is measure 120 in the midi sequence. You should end up with 127 measures total. 

© Michael Blair 2018