5-6 Opus Notes

La Danza Audition Cut - 11.mid
I gave a bit of a lead-in with the piano starting at measure 52. The tempo has been set at 110, which is right in the middle of the suggested range. You may notice the midi file says the tempo is 165, however, that is for a quarter note and translates to 110 for a dotted quarter. There is a bit of calculation involved. If you want to set the dotted quarter tempo for 100, set the midi file tempo at 150. Trust me. Of course you can set it as low as you want in order to rehearse. The text will undoubtedly need to be practiced very slowly at first. Remember, you must record your students a cappella, so this is to be used as a rehearsal aid only.

 La Danza (complete) - 12.mid
The fermatas will feel like 3 counts and then fall back into tempo. Remember, all measures in a midi sequence have to be counted sequentially, so when you go back to the second verse on page 5, what was measure 36, is now 118. Going forward, the second ending starts at measure 192 in the sequence, and you have a total of 196 measures for the entire song.

 Music In My Mother’s House - 13.mid
No special instructions.

 Sesere eeye - 14.mid
I have no information at this point on how they are dividing the parts. This is similar to Barbershop in that the melody is not the highest pitch voice, but in the middle. We’ll have to wait for the director’s notes to find out which part to take. I did not record the repeat for this song, since it is a verbatim duplicate. It is meant to repeat several times, with variations of melody/parts being sung. If you want to do it with a repeat, set your playback device to loop, if it has that capability.

 Sing To Me - 15.mid
This is a great song to use to teach various time signatures and to work on keeping triplet figures evenly spaced. You might have them sing with counts! That’s a great exercise. When there is a tempo “range” for a section of music, I usually take the slower option. I think the tempos are easy to follow. At m52, keep the pulse, but double the note values at the fermatas.

 Standing In the Light of Love - 16.mid
Everyone sings Part 1 starting at measure 7. I divided the parts back out to S/A at measure 23, but I don’t know if that’s what the director has in mind. When you repeat to measure 7, it will be m39 in your sequence, and the parts will remain divided S/A to the end

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