Greetings, Iowa Choral Directors!  It is summer 2017 and I am working on Opus files. All-State is yet to be released. Check back in August to see if files are ready. Thanks for your interest!!

MIDI Lieder offers MIDI and MP3 files to Iowa music teachers to assist them and their students in learning the audition materials for the Iowa Opus and All-State music festival auditions.  

Each MP3 file includes the piano accompaniment (or vocal reduction) and one specific voice part. Try this sample of  the Tenor 2 part of "Marching To Pretoria" from the 7/8 Bass Clef Honor Choir repertoire.  You will notice that the MP3 files are recorded in stereo, with the voice part (played on a keyboard) on the right side, and the accompaniment on the left. This gives great separation and clarity so the students can hear their part clearly.  Using the balance controls on your stereo, you can practice with just the voice part, just the piano part, or mix them together just right.  You can distribute these files to your students so they can practice on their own. Click here to Place an Order for MP3 files.

Each MIDI file includes the piano accompaniment (or vocal reduction) and all vocal parts.  Using the controls on your midi device(s) you can select which part or parts to play by muting or soloing tracks.  See below for other great tricks you can do with a midi file to make your rehearsals very effective.  Click here to go to the MIDI Sample page. Please explore the links above to find out more about midi, what equipment you need to utilize the midi files, and to place your order.

Shortly after submitting your order, you will receive an email with a webpage link and password where you will be able to easily download your requested files.  The ordering process is not completely automated.  Please give me at least 24 hours to do this.  Click on the “Place an Order” link above.

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  •     Access any point within any song instantly
  •     Mute or Solo any part at any time
  •     Slow the tempo in order to practice intricate rhythms or harmonies
  •     Convert MIDI to SmartMusic files
  •     Make your own custom audio recordings for your students
  •     Rest assured that your students are learning the correct notes and rhythms
  •     Focus your attention where it should be - on the student

© Michael Blair 2017
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