Converting To SmartMusic

I’ve often been asked if midi files could be made to work with SmartMusic, which of course, is a great teaching tool for Solo & Small Ensemble Festival.  Our colleague, Larry Michehl,  came up with the answer.  Here are Larry’s instructions for converting midi files to SmartMusic files.  The instructions may vary depending upon which version of Finale and SmartMusic you have.  If you would like to visit the SmartMusic website, click the link above.

  1. Launch Finale
  2. Open the MIDI file for the song you wish to convert
  3. From the File menu, select Save Special, and Save As SmartMusic Accompaniment (for Finale 9, select Export to SmartMusic)
  4. On the left, click Full Ensemble or Group, and Create Unique Instrument For Each Staff (Finale 9 select Ensemble)
  5. Select or deselect parts you do or don’t wish to convert.  This can be helpful when special parts are assigned to different districts.
  6. Click OK
  7. Save with the title you wish to use, making certain the “.smp” suffix is still at the end of the file name
  8. Launch SmartMusic 
  9. From the File menu select Open Music Library (in SmartMusic 10, select My Accompaniments, then Import)
  10. Select User Created File in the bar across the top of the window (SmartMusic 11 select Finale Created Files)
  11. Navigate to the desired file and click Open
  12. In the lower left of the SmartMusic window, click on Instrumentation
  13. You can now turn on/off the parts you wish to hear or work on.

Thanks Larry!

© Michael Blair 2018